The Company is currently engaged in the business of trading in commodities, with its core focus being trading in textiles.
The management of the Company is exploring new avenues and proposes to venture into the IT an ITES Business Segment. Globe Industrial Resources Limited was originally incorporated on June 26, 1985, as “Globe Industrial Resources Limited” under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 with the Registrar of Companies, Delhi and Haryana. The Company obtained Certificate of commencement of Business on June 26, 1985. The Corporate Identity Number of the Company is L74899DL1985PLC021328.
Presently, the registered office of the Company is situated at D-9, Jangpura Extension, New Delhi-110014. Want to learn more about us? Read our brief history.

Globe Industrials is a world leading supplier of textiles. We source the highest quality textiles from all over India, in a huge range of materials and styles. We have seven storage and logistics centres where all of our product is located and managed by teams that have been working with us decades. Our large supply of textiles is sent to every part of the world imaginable, to garment factories and design studios of all types.

Textiles We Stock

100% Cotton

Poly Cotton



Faux Furs










We currently work with twelve different manufacturers based in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. We work hard to ensure that a fair price is given for every inch of fabric we purchase. Many of our manufacturers have been partnered with us since the inception of Globe Industrials in 1985.

Globe Industrials and the Environment

We understand the crucial importance for us to reduce our CO2 emissions as much as possible, and to strive to make our operations as environmentally friendly as possible. Our more recent development in our green campaign is the installation of Solis solar panels at every one of our buildings. This allows us to run entirely on renewable energy.


While we sell our supply to many different companies all over the world, we strive to nurture important relationships with businesses that share our values in fair trade and ethical trading. There are various companies which are noteworthy, but E&A Fashion, in particular, is a garment store we take pride in collaborating with. After working with E&A Fashion CEOs we teamed up with all of the designers and brands that are stocked on this popular e-commerce store and started supplying their textiles. We also provide special orders that are distributed to engineering industries, such as Gas Sensing Solutions. Today we are proud to have dozens of collaborations with brands from all over the world.

Special and Urgent Orders

The purpose of Globe Industrials is to bridge the gap between factory and designer or retailer. Having worked in the textiles industry for over 50 years our CEO realised the potential that our manufacturers had. However, lack of resources and contacts around the world meant that sales were not as high as they could be. By partnering with us, all of our manufacturers reap the benefits of corporate sales and logistics specialists, without any of the responsibility.

In turn, our customers reap the rewards of receiving the highest quality textiles at the best prices without having to speak with various factories in remote parts of the world. Through our expert team at H.Q. you can arrange for special orders and urgent orders by speaking with only one representative. You can leave all management and administration to us.

Our Services

Please see below a detailed list of our services:

  • Pattern checking and approval
  • Decorating and embellishment inspections and approval
  • Pre-Production sample inspections
  • Fit and size check of PPS
  • Production line inspections (print, cut, sew, embellishing, packing)
  • Print placement and colour approval
  • Management and control of all samples:
    • Development
    • PPS
    • Gold seal
    • Top of production
    • Shipment
  • Inspection of production line throughout the production process
  • AQL 2.5 inspection prior to shipping
  • Co-ordination and preparation of delivery paperwork and booking shipments