As Globe Industrials supplies businesses all over the world with fabrics and textiles, we have forged many important relationships with our international customers. Want to know more about us? Peruse our brief history. As a textile wholesale supplier, we are not seen by the public eye and are understood by many as simply the middleman between manufacturer and brand. However, we try to foster as many professional relationships as possible with companies that offer a positive contribution to communities. For example, we are always keen to work with businesses that design garments for medical staff. Every community, in every city and country all over the world, relies upon medical staff to save lives and keep people well. Without this institution, billions would have lost their lives and more would be suffering from illness and ailments, much worse than they are today. To learn more about the kind of work that we do, check out our present business activity.

We are proud to collaborate with Alexandra, a garment manufacturer that has been operating since 1854 and today works directly with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). This prestigious company has been providing clothing to important institutions for over a century, including the development of women’s workwear at the beginning of the 20th Century. They now supply protective work wear to businesses all over the world and have received The Royal Warrant award for their excellence in the production of garments. We also work with Randox - who provide us with lateral flow antigen tests for our staff and workers.

This celebrated company supply healthcare wear to GP practices in London, hospitals across the whole of the UK, care homes in Northern Ireland and dentists in Glasgow. All uniforms worn by medical staff need to be durable and comfortable. While the design of the garment and manufacturing process will contribute to these things, it all starts with the fabric. As we supply fabric and textiles to Alexandra, all garments produced by the business are guaranteed to be high quality, long lasting, yet breathable and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. All attributes that are essential for medical staff who put in vast hours of hard work for days on end.

Alexandra is just one of the many collaborations that Globe Industrials is proud to manage. If you own a business that is looking to work with a talented textile supplier with integrity, get in touch with us via our contact form.